Installation Guide Dimmer

Infinite Automation Dimmer


Installation Diagram Infinite Dimmer

  • This product includes a wire harness that
    can be easily plugged into the product for
    convenient connectivity.
  • Connect wires correctly as shown in the
    diagram above and double check all the
    connections carefully.
  • Make sure bare wires are fully inserted into
    the terminal & there are no loose strands of
  • Wires must be Connected adequately as per
    Australian standards, rules and regulations.

Technical Information

Device is compatible to maximum current for each gang as follows:
Output: 240VAC 50/60Hz
Max Load: 800 Watts

Max standby power: <0.7W
Power measurement accuracy: + or – 3W
Dimensions: 86 x 66 x 29.5 mm
Accepted Input for L: 100 – 240VAC, 50/60Hz

External Switch Voltage Requirements:
Active and Neutral are connected to a power source of 100-240VAC, the external switch
must also be connected to a power source of 100-240VAC via the switch connections.

Environment of Installation:
Must be installed indoors or weatherproof box. In outdoor areas should be located in a dry location surface mount should be installed in a fire-resistant plastic box.

Warranty: 3 years.

Factory Reset: 7 consecutive on and off from the wall switch will reset the hardware.

Important Notes
An additional filter may be required if the product is installed in an environment where a
frequency of 10MHz or less needs to be filtered. For example, in households, an AM radio
(not FM) near the output may interfere. The statistics presented in the application are
intended for indicative purposes only.

  • All the installation work must be performed by a qualified electrician.
  • The product installs behind a lighting switch or a momentary push button
  • If the product needs installation in Roof or non-insulated environment.
    Electrician must use junction box.
  • The product must be installed as per standard guidelines and
  • Specifications can be modified without notice due to continuous


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